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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not just one but two polar bears we re outside of their normal containment area. mike: a wild today. the bears took advantage of an open den door. the bears were secured. curtis: a lot of people who were in the zoo at the time did not even know why they were being told to take shelter or either they were being ushered out. once they found out, you can frightening. and a very kind worker said that an animal was not where it was supposed to be. >> everything is locked down. everything is secure. curtis: a female polar bear put
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>> i asked the zoo keeper and he said it is a polar bear. i said it is serious. i picked up my pace. curtis: others headed to the exits or they were not allowed in. we are told barrett got out of her exhibit area and made her way to a hallway tunnel behind the exhibit. she was never loose in the zoo. you never want to have a large dangerous polar bear somewhere it should not be. in any danger. as a precaution, we our guests into the buildings safe. and so we were really aware of the situation. curtis: the zoo remained closed for about two and a half hours. >> will have a very big ongoing debriefing situation.
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we make sure that is secure in the future. the important part is we do not let their escape and no people were in danger. curtis: the zoo thought it was only the one bear . just before we went on the air they sent us a release saying that the male companion followed barrett into that area. both were tranquilized. both are doing fine tonight. mike: it is not the first incident involving a polar bear at the cincinnati zoo. in 1990 zoo employee lost her arm when a bear attack her. she was awarded $3.5 million. sherry: the car that went off the bridge and plunged almost
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the recovery of the car has now been called off at least for now. there is this fear that their people inside. brian: it is a tough decision when you know somebody' s family member is out there in the ohio river submerged out there. the currents are just too strong. it is too dangerous to put divers into that water. it might remain that way until sunday or even monday. >> i was almost to the bridge and that is when everything started happening in front of may. brian: carlos saw the crash from the driver' s seat of her car. the problem is, she can' t stop seeing it. carla : i keep replaying the flip of the car in my mind.
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brian: carla was on her way home from work. she left even a second earlier she would have been in the middle of it. carla: it rolled from the left to the right of the bridge and it landed on its wheel facing me. i picked up my phone and called 911. brian: most disturbing is what michael saw. the car plunged off the bridge. over the barrier. it bobbed up and then disappeared. brian: cruise and found it to be called off because it was too dangerous due to the high currents. authorities don' t know how many people were in the car. even for those who missed the
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more than 24 hours later, police are still apparently looking for family or someone who is missing a family member or friend. they still are asking for people to come forward. a long way before this is resolved. sherry: we are now getting a glimpse of what happened. callers inundated 911. more than a dozen cars crashing. others had fears of a semi-leaking diesel fuel. >> there is a major accident on 275. on the root over the bridge. a car just when over the edge. right over the edge into the river.
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it looks like people are floating in the river. sheree: todd will look in bridge design and the anxiety people have about that bridge. mike: a14-year-old under to u order to undergo rehab. where she couldn' stand. make a move. this 14-year-old boy then rate to be intoxicated girl in the living room. if he does not complete his rehab program, he could be year of detainment. sheree: an aurora emt accused of
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he went for being a missing emt to being a fugitive on the ron after char was charged with stealing. he had been part of the department for more than 20 years. the department has been struggling to make payroll. to keep the squad from going bankrupt. he is charged with theft. mike: a water main break kentucky. rigsby. sheree: firefighters in stevensville ohio. the first call came in just before midnight. another alarm came in for building.
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a fourth and fifth reported. several vacant homes in steubenville. mike: in brook park, a driver narrowly escapes before his car was hit by a freight train. the close call. the driver was trying to capture -- recover items from inside. no one was hurt. sheree: fresh from his big win in ohio, office in pennsylvania. he told supporters that he would l the july convention. p . d a town hall at villanova
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that their solutions to most american problems are not found in big government , but a communities. divisive political language john kasich: for a minority community who feel that the system does not work for them, we need harmony in this country. we need to remember we are americans before we are anything else. sheree: he believes the similarity between pennsylvania and ohio will help him win. mike: president obama has selected a nominee for the supreme court. republicans have vowed to block it. brian: president obama nominated d.c. court of appeals judge
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president obama: to find someone that just about everybody not only respects, but genuinely likes,, that is rare. brian: garland is seen as middle-of-the-road. >> he is an incredibly well-known figure in washington legal circles, admired by the left and the right. mitch mcconnell: the president made this nomination not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. brian: the death of antonin scalia at left to the high courts balance of power up for grabs. republicans want a republican president to fill that seat. garland is a former federal prosecutor who took the leading role in the oklahoma city
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garland: people must be confident that the judges decisions are determined by the law and only the law. brian: everything is political this year. for republicans, blocking this nomination is a calculated risk that could backfire at the ballot box. especially if the democrat wins the white house. mike: garland is on the d c circuit court of appeals sometimes known as the second highest court in the land. sheree: forget remembering your password. how amazon is helping -- hoping only it will take is a quick selfie to make the purchase. mike: we are live showing you their big departure.
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ll have some cooler temperatures across the area. i will talk about the temperature change that is heading our way for the second half of the week. sheree: shocking video here of an explosion at a medical marijuana dispensary. two employees were severely burned. certainly that room just burst into flames. one worker struggles to open a nearby door. the other one runs through the flames to get out alive.
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the disaster relief organization is sending a response team south to deliver supplies. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: it is turned out to be a nice march afternoon across the area. a bit on the windy side. perfect kite flying weather for this time of year. those winds have been brisk. it will stay up there through the evening hour and even return tomorrow and be just as gusty. at the airport six to two degrees. still above normal for this time of year. we have a southwest wind at 20. at times over 30 miles per hour. you can see here on the wind map. generally sustained in that 15 to 20 mile per hour range. the wind gets much stronger as you head up toward i 70.
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brighter colors here in red. they have had gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. fortunately for us the wind is not going to be that strong. it will remain blustery throughout the evening hours. temperatures will fall back into the 50' s. some cool breezes and just a few clouds lingering around. we are done with the rain at least for the better part of the week. here is what we are looking at tonight. we have had some clouds bubble up. they will go away once the sunsets. some high cloud cover streaming out of the west. let' s call it a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy night. i do think there is a little disturbance that will come through here with some clouds. i don' t think it yields us any rainfall. as you wake up on thursday morning expect partly cloudy skies. we will see some clouds developed during the day again.
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up above the ground. we get that big difference in temperature between down here where we live and where the clouds reside. the skies will fill up with some clouds. even heading into friday. for the next couple of days expect more in the way of clouds and cooler temperatures. 44 degrees for a low tonight. a cool night across the area. partly cloudy skies with a cool wind. another blustery day. an afternoon high around 60. here is your seven-day forecast. talk about a cooling trend. you will need the jackets and even the sweaters by the time we get to the weekend. after being up in the 60' s, we drop into the 30' s tomorrow night. friday we are only in the mid-50' s. then we are into the 30'
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on the weekend only expected to be in the mid 40' s. for this time of year that will be a bit chilly. temperatures dropping below freezing. sheree: dozens of guns inside a middle school. mike: we will tell you about the safety lesson and the special field trip her students still ahead.
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we will sheree: a bizarre traffic accident in baltimore. mike: a car on top of a car. the driver of the suv ran a red light and was hit by another vehicle. the suv went airborne and landed upside down on a parked car. the owner of that card says she parks in the same spot -- car says she parks in the same spot all the time. >> the other car had flipped and
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sheree: in weaverville california a large portion of the highway collapsed right along the cliff. chunks of the pavement just keep crumbling. part of the road washed out and it keeps growing. coming off the main passageway for locals for the near future. mike: middle school students being armed with knowledge about guns. cracks if you want to pull the trigger go ahead. >> colorado city students were able to handle and test the weapons. the goal is to replace fear with respect. a little history makes them. i day and a sheree: gun range with loaded guns. sheree:
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matthew chapman who was living in the suspects in the van after reading about them. he called police and then nabbed the to a short time later. we' ll use the money now to start a new life. to help his grown children get through tough times. mike: a local high school grad is facing prison time in north korea. sheree: a reaction from neighbors who are just stunned at how long this local graduate was sentenced to. mike: a teenager in a coma after
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>> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news five. mike: high school graduate from this area being held in north korea. sheree: a local kid who is now a college student. he was convicted and sentenced
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s supreme court. karen: _ late this afternoon the state department released a statement calling the sentence unduly harsh. a spokesman for the state department said despite official claims that the u.s. citizens arrested are not used for political purposes, it is increasingly clear from it' s a very public treatment of these cases that north korea does exactly that. it started out as a tour of the capital of north korea. a vacation for otto that was cut short by his arrest. a state that could last 15 years. >> i don' t know what he did that was so wrong. karen: he said he was bribed by
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a political banner from a north korean hotel. otto: please save me. karen: the government of north korea says the student was encouraged to commit a hostile act. otto: ever since the united states administration never use people like myself in the future. thank you to the government of north korea for your forgiveness. karen: it is not clear if this was a coerced confession.
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i feel they' re are not letting everything out for us to hear it. everybody needs to know especially when it is our children. karen: we found most people in wyoming not willing to talk on camera. we know some feel the community now feels -- has to come together. karen: it is not quite clear what will come of this 15 year at hard labor sentence. sheree: to further complicate things, washington and the capital of north korea do not have diplomatic relations. mike: new developments on the car that went off the bridge into the ohio river yesterday.
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been put off for now. the current is so strong in the ohio river that it is too vehicle. it might be sunday or even monday before they can start again. several crashes happened on the >> i keep replaying that flip of the semi in my mind. seeing all those cars. it was horrible. >> it flipped over the barrier and went into the river and bobbed up and then just disappeared. mike: the crash shocked people who immediately called 911. dan: drivers saw the unbelievable string of crashes including a car flying off the bridge. now we are going -- hearing their calls for help. >>
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dan: minute by minute drivers concerns only grew. >> there is a little bit of debris floating. no i don' t see the vehicle floating. dan: in addition to the cost of bridge three people were hurt and 12 cars were involved in the chain reaction of crashes. >> i am on to 75 heading north near the kellogg exit. >> you need to send a lot of people. dan: this scene is one that these people will not forget soon. campbell county police say their recovery efforts will not resume
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mike: campbell county police asking anybody with a missing family member or friends riding in area yesterday to give them a call. sheree: friends of the girl who was in a coma are dealing with her sudden death. she had been in the hospital since february 29 when she was beaten so badly that she had to be hospitalized. this all happened outside this nightclub. the inner circle. she ended up dying earlier this week. she is a student at st. bernard elmwood place high school. students dealing with this tragedy. >> it is a tragic events that has occurred. when anything happens to one of our own, the community tries to rally. we have provided counselors for our students. there is a gofundme page that
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sheree: william arnold is being held in connection with this attack. mike: funeral arrangements have been made for a teenager killed in a crash monday night. 16-year-old ella stout was in a car that went off the road and flipped several times. she died at the scene. other teenagers were taken to area hospitals. all three were students at boeing county high school. >> my daughter came out crying and saying that one of her friends had passed away in a car accident. it was devastating. we stick together as one. prayers come out abundantly for others. when one gets hurt, the county comes together.
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seems to be wet road conditions and the driver being unfamiliar with the curvy road. her funeral will be sheree: police are investigating drug pierce township. a long white oak road. all this is used to make methamphetamine, the police believe. they are now investigating. mike: a man found shot near churchill dual -- downs in louisville has died. police have not made any arrests. an investigation is underway in southwest indiana after police shoot and kill a homeless man. it happened last night in evansville. a man was making death threats. when the police got there, he charged at an officer with a
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he led officers on a chase before crashing. >> he did not even stop at the light. cars were coming out of the gas station. i am surprised that no one was hurt. mike: at least one officer fired at him after that wreck. the officers involved are on administrative leave. sheree: we have new details in the death of a kentucky 16-year-old. she died from a rare heart condition. not as a result of the mtial arts holds that was used to restrain her. video showed her walking around and even interacting with staff hours after that restraint was put on her. former subway pitch man jared
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he was attacked back in january by a fellow inmate. tmz is reporting that he started punching fogle in the recreational yard. the sentence to more than 15 years in prison after his conviction for child pornography and sex with underage prostitutes. mike: the wyoming community coming together to fight the opioid epidemic. treatment for people hoped on opioids. the open forum is at 7:00 at the wyoming middle school cafeteria. sheree: if you are crossing over into kentucky, you need to be aware of some closures.
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on the bridge to inspect and the lighting system. on the southbound lanes of 75. starting at 10:00 tonight. alain will also be closed on fort washington way leading to the bridge. mike: a busy day yesterday and tonight for us with all those numbers still in our heads. sheree: a warning from donald trump. clinton. mike: a pick for the president. not the supreme court. it is the ncaa basketball bracket. we will show you what the president did as we go along the championship. kevin: it has been a blustery day. the wind is going to bring in
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i will let you know just how sheree:
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john kasich is now being seen as more of a factor after last night' s ohio primary win. mike: donald trump' s warning that no party maneuver can deny him the nomination. steve: marco rubio being knocked out of this contest here in his home state of florida has actually made this republican race more intense. john kasich: i believe more in this than ever. steve: he went to pennsylvania right after winning an ohio. john kasich: we are fighting for the future of this country, the spirit of this country. we are not going to get there by bashing one another. ted cruz: the longer john kasich
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steve: despite his strong tuesday, truck needs many delegates -- the donald trump and still needs many delegates to clinch the nomination. hillary clinton is planning to shift her fire to donald trump who today with clinton on instagram. mocking her toughness in a world with isis and vladimir putin. donald trump is vowing to keep his age. he has complaints that there are too many debates and he dropped out of the one scheduled for monday. john kasich also dropped out and now the debate is canceled. mike: next week there are six states that will be battleground states. only two of them that republicans will actually be competing in. arizona is winner take all for the gop.
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on saturday, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will fight it out in alaska and hawaii and the state of washington. yesterday the second highest turnout ever for an ohio primary. 41% turnout. the highest back in 2008 would turnout was at 46%. sheree: what happens if the republicans have a contested convention ? any candidate needs a majority of the delegates to be nominated. if no candidate has a majority, some of the delegates who are pledged to specific candidates are allowed to vote for whoever they want. that is when the wheeling and dealing really ramp up.
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are freed from their original commitment. the party than makes up its own rules about how the convention is going to work. those rules can be voted on and changed at any time. you hear about other potential candidates who aren' t even in the race. several states including ohio have so-called sore loser laws that prevent candidates from appearing on the primary ballot for one party and then running it independent campaign site -- come november. download our wlwt mobile click on politics. mike: march madness is underway. president obama is thinking the jayhawks will take home the championship.
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to go with kansas and north carolina in the championship game. he decided to go with kansas this time around. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: spring is officially going to start this weekend. it doesn' t feel like it. here is that storm system that is spinning its way through the great lakes. we are getting some pretty blustery winds. these west winds are going to start to glow in. -- blow in. many of us were into the mid-70' s yesterday at this hour. that drop even though it is significant compared to yesterday, we are still above normal for this time of year. it does not feel too bad out
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over the weekend we will shave off another 15 degrees from where we are now. that spells a jacket weather. by the time we get to friday and saturday and sunday, the first day of spring. it will stay breezy over the next couple of hours. winds will gradually begin to relax. temperatures coming down to. by 11:00, many of you will get to down into the upper 40' s. it is looking like a very nice afternoon across the area. 62 degrees at the airport. southwest wind at 20. gusts over 30.
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nothing out here to really show you. this should be rain free overnight. the clouds come and go overnight. a little disturbance coming through. i don' t think it will squeeze out anything. all in all, expect a mixture of sun and clouds. as we head into the weekend expect more in the way of cloud cover. that will bring us cooler temperatures. along with a dip in the jet stream. the cold air is still locked up in canada. gradually progressively cooler air comes into the area. that represents temperatures that will probably be running 10 to 15 degrees below normal for this time of the year. as we usher in the first day of spring on sunday, we' re also going to bring in some
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tomorrow will be a repeat of today. another windy afternoon. 56 degrees by lunchtime. here is your seven-day forecast. the trend is all downward in terms of temperatures. 40' s on saturday and sunday and monday. mike: no one was hurt here. having fun with the polar bear scare at the cincinnati zoo today. two new twitter accounts, what
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mike: we have been telling you about the poor bear scare. barrett and the little one. they got into an area where they
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people were herded into buildings just be safe. everyone turned out to be ok. no one was hurt and people were having fun with this on twitter. sheree: we can laugh about it when nothing went wrong. i hotwire to the zoo director' s but i' m told he likes to work. all i wanted was a change of scenery, you guys. cincinnati businesses also got into the fun. they said we found barrett waiting patiently for some doughnuts earlier. you can buy a shirt to commemorate this day in cincinnati history.
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mike: barrett the bear is one of my followers. @ccccccccc complications in the search for that vehicle that plunged into the ohio river. sheree: @cccccc@ why rescue teams are temporarily suspending their rescue operation.
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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. >> tragedy of mccomb trailer bridge. >> the car flipped it over the barrier and went into the river goes first. >> it happened right in front of my eyes. it was terrible. >> the challenges that recovery crews are facing as they try to figure out who was inside. the recovery of a vehicle that plunged off the bridge into the ohio river has been called off for now.
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the crash sent to the car plummeting nearly a hundred feet into the water. mike: brian has the story. brian: the river is just too dangerous for divers right now. they' re going to need them to help recover that vehicle. before they do, that current is going to have to settle. the problem is, that could take until sunday or even monday before that happens. it was a chaotic crash. it got worse than anyone could have imagined. into the ohio river. carla avoided the crash but was separated from the worst of the tragedy by less than a second. carla:


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